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14th annual Coal and Energy Forum

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What is the Coal & Energy Forum?

We accomplish more by working together.  We want to see heavy industry maximize efforts that are mutually beneficial.

This forum is an opportunity for industry leaders, contractors, educators, graduates and students to network, share ideas and discuss the challenges that the energy and resource sectors are facing.

This year’s forum will explore the “Challenges of Change” and how environmental, ecological, technological and political trends in the coal and energy sectors are shaping the workforce of the future and key skills that will become increasingly in demand.

A key objective of this year’s forum will be to help facilitate dialogue between educators, trainers and industry to ensure that tomorrow’s workforce is increasingly well equipped to fulfill the needs of the resources sectors.


Delivering thought provoking presentations on a range of topics.


Wednesday features group activities to explore the Geopark.

Refreshments Provided

We are great hosts; we hope you agree!


Meet fellow industry leaders and innovators.


Our conference delivers real value to participants.

Energy and persistence conquer all things.

-Benjamin Franklin