David Dodge





David Dodge is the producer of GreenEnergyFutures.ca a series of more than 220 documentaries on Canada’s most inspiring clean energy and energy efficiency leaders, projects and technologies. The stories have appeared on radio, in newspapers, magazines and numerous web channels.

He’s dedicated the last decade to researching energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy topics and highlighting the most successful business ventures that are part of $332 billion in growing global investment in clean technology.

David is a sought after speaker who has delivered 97 talks and presentations to architects, oil companies, county councils, education groups, city councils, real estate organizations, governments, builders, farm groups, education groups, social housing groups, community organizations, Rotary clubs, Walrus talks, and energy literacy groups in 5 years.

He is passionate about energy diversification and innovation that will provide the economic opportunities and jobs in a sustainable future.

David is chair of the board of Energy Efficiency Alberta and is also serving his second term as co-chair of the Energy Transition Advisory Committee for the City of Edmonton.