Lisa Verbisky

Associate Dean of Academic and Vocational programs at Northern Lights College





Lisa Verbisky has been with Northern Lights College for 20 years and is currently the Associate Dean of Academic and Vocational programs.  The activities related to this position are broad, with strategic planning and program development being most relevant to this event.  Recent program development projects include programs relating to environmental stewardship and an engineering certificate.

Lisa’s career started as a field biologist working on large projects across Canada.  Examples of field projects include employing salmon conservation strategies in Quebec, working on a large biodiversity project studying denning habits of northern flying squirrels in northeastern Alberta, and comparing fire disturbance to harvest disturbance in northwestern Alberta.  After enjoying many years doing field work, Lisa started instructing related courses at Northern Lights College including ecology, botany, forest science, soil science, and land reclamation.

The combination of field experience, instructional experience, and her involvement in developing new programs makes Lisa ideally suited to meet the academic educational needs of the resource sector.